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Irrigation, Installation & Repair

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Tucson Landscape irrigation can keep your yard alive. Your yard is worth it! Whether you did all the work yourself or hired Tucson landscaping contractors to help, you deserve an irrigation system to keep your lawn looking good.

Irrigation, Installation & Repair - Tucson Landscape
Irrigation, Installation & Repair - Tucson Landscape

Do you want a beautiful outdoor space?

If you don’t have time every day to water your yard, consider an irrigation system! We install:

-drip systems

-sprinkler systems

-water harvesting systems

-fertilizer injector systems

We use smart technology to keep you up to date and eco-friendly. We even repair and improve existing systems! Contact us today to help with keeping your landscape green and lush!

professionally installed irrigation system

A professionally installed irrigation system will keep your landscape looking great throughout the year. No matter the size of your landscape, invest in our irrigation installation and design services. Contact All Terrain Landscape Creations today!

Expert irrigation services

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Drip irrigation
  • Repair or upgrade existing system
  • Water harvesting, passive and collective, cistern, gutter design, and installation
  • State-of-the-art valve assembly and smart irrigation controllers
  • Fertilizer injector systems

Tucson landscape lighting is just as important as everything else. Let your lighting complement all the plants, water features, and hardscaping you carefully chose and planned for.

Call us for personal lighting service today

We’re happy to travel to your location, take images, assess the situation, and provide you a FREE estimate on service.

Tucson Landscape Lighting
Tucson Landscape Lighting

Set the mood with the correct lighting

Lighting goes a long way to set the mood and illuminate natural beauty. Why have a beautiful yard if you cannot enjoy it in the evening hours as well? We offer lighting services for pathways, water features, to illuminate your favorite plants, and keep you safe in your yard at night. We can light up your patio, gazebo, or even add underwater accent lighting! It’s all up to you. We keep in mind that Tucson is the low-light ordinance and try to remain cost-effective in our design to keep you saving money while not compromising on the beauty of your landscaping.

Whether you need lighting for your gazebo, deck, or patio, you will get the effect you want. We provide the highest quality lighting products that look great and help you save money.

Custom designed lighting services

  • Outdoor living space lighting
  • Landscapes and hardscapes
  • Architectural illuminations
  • Cost-effective, night-effects LED lighting systems
  • Submersible water feature accent lighting

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